The Fire Service College of the State Fire Service in Poznan

The Fire Service College of the State Fire Service in Poznan is a technical college. The College offers courses on a full-time and part-time basis, a two-year schedule. The training on a full-time basis is available to candidates who completed secondary education, the training on a part-time basis is available to firemen of the State Fire Service and fire officers from industry and commerce and from other governmental agencies.

The Fire Service College provides professional training for firefighting technicians in the following fields:

  • life protection and human life protection, protection of material goods and culture
  • organization and conducting rescue activities, fire extinguishing and limitation of fire damage and other local incidents,
  • identification of hazards and preparation of premises for firefighting and rescue activities, planning, organization and didactic activities, particularly practical exercises, which isessential in this line of work.

The College provides the following training and courses:
  • Education of firefighting technicians and specialists, namely:
  • firefighting technicians for the National Firefighting and Rescue System,
  • courses qualifying as sub-officers of the State Fire Service with university education,
  • experts in the area of control and risk assessment,
  • personnel from industry and commerce, responsible for fire protection,
  • the junior and middle ranks of the service - training on chemical and environmental rescue,
  • firemen of the National Firefighting and Rescue System - training on medical aid.
Developing the ability of independent thinking and the proactivity of all the participants of the didactic process.

Courses in the area of civil protection for members of local authorities and personnel from industry and commerce.

Organization of conferences, symposiums and seminars in the area of fire safety and fire protection.

Apart from part-time and full-time courses, the College offers training to meet the requirements of the State Fire Service, units of the National Firefighting Rescue System, industry and commerce and governmental agencies, e.g. the Ministry of the Interior.

Last time the College provided the following courses:
  • for sub-officers with university education,
  • qualifying courses for firemen,
  • courses for warrant officers in the area of risk assessment,
  • civil protection,
  • for industry and commerce,
  • medical aid,
  • skin-diving training,
  • motor-boat steersman training.
Benefiting from the didactic experience of the team of officers of the State Fire Service, the College publishes many books providing professional expertise for the needs of fire service colleges, training centers and firefighting and rescue units.

The Sporting Life:
The facilities for sport and physical recreation are comprehensive, and conveniently situated, and the provision made for both indoor and outdoor activities is generous.
The are College teams for many sports and these compete against other colleges.
In addition events are organized in sports such as volleyball, basketball, football, cross-country race, firefighting sports.
Cadets and the team of officers regularly participate in many sports events.

History:The history of the College goes back to 1951. At that time the Provincial Fire College began its activity teaching firefighters for organizational units of fire protection in Poznan region.
In 1952 the Provincial Fire College was turned into the Central Fire Officers' College.
In September 1954 the Fire Technical Officers' College was created.
In May 1958 the Non-commissioned Officers' College was established.
In 1971 the Fire Ensigns' College was created and the standards of training were changed according to new needs.

In 1992 the Fire Ensigns' College was turned into the Fire Service College. Its main task was training of the middle rank officers for needs of the national firefighting system. Principles of organization and activity were defined by the Ministry of the Interior.